Lost Wheel

Lost Wheel - Copyright Chapman Pine 207I’ve been walking past this bike wheel for the past year on my way to work

It’s attached to the bike rail with a good quality lock but the owner to date still hasn’t come back to claim them

It makes me wonder did they lose the key to the lock and just decided to sacrifice the wheel or did they come back one day to find the whole bike gone?


Lost Keys

Rusty Keys - Copyright Chapman Pine 2017

In a churchyard around the corner from where I work I noticed by chance a set of keys hanging on a branch in a tree

They were beginning to rust so must have been hanging there for quite some time and were placed where it wasn’t obvious to look for them if you’d lost them

I wonder how many times did the person who’d lost them go back to that churchyard and retrace their steps again and again?

How long did they search for them?

What did these keys open before they were lost?


Dali - Copyright Chapman Pine 2017When I first worked in the Homeless Sector over twenty years ago I had a client who told me that he used to have conversations with the street art around Camden Town

He would get advice and answers to questions and they’d sometimes tell him to do things that didn’t always work out to well for him

I wonder what would have happened if he’d have had conversations with this superb example of street art showing Dali?

Abandoned Phone Box

Abandoned phone box - Copyright Chapman Pine 2017This beautiful old phone box has been left as part of the fixtures and fittings on a local development of an industrial site

It’s bright red paint has faded and the wood is beginning to rot away but the lettering still sends out its message loud and clear

I wonder just how many calls were made to it? How many lives were saved?

It my mind I had a story about it still being connected to a phone somewhere but who would you get if it was answered?


Lemons Copyright Chapman Pine 2017I don’t know why someone decided to decorate this junction box with lemons but I’m glad they did!

It really brightens up the corner of the street that it’s on

I haven’t found out if this was a commissioned piece or a bit of ‘Guerilla Street Art’ but it is pretty stunning