The Moss Lady

mossI saw her the other day when I was on my way to the school to drop off a forgotten trumpet for a music lesson

She was being helped across the road by another woman (who I presumed was her daughter) and was moving so slowly that it was as though she wasn’t moving at all

At first glanced she was no more remarkable than any other old woman but what made her stand out was her hair. It was the colour and texture of moss. Not the bright green kind that you see in a wood but a deep, dark green, the type that grows in the shade on ancient trees

Not only was her hair this colour but so were her clothes. In fact she looked as if her entire body had a coating of this moss, as if with age and inactivity the moss had slowly taken a foothold and kept going

It wasn’t something that was immediately apparent just something that once you noticed it you just couldn’t stop seeing it

I wondered what her family and friends thought about it. Perhaps it had been such a slow, imperceptible process that those around her hadn’t noticed or perhaps they just didn’t want to mention it in case it upset her

She finally managed to slowly ease herself into the backseat of the Volvo and in the shadows she looked even more plant like than human. I had thought about snapping a sneaky photo on my phone but it just felt wrong

Instead I just discreetly watched as they drove off and noticed the tiny mossy fragments that she’d left  in her wake

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