Hugo knows numbers and he also knows that they are definitely not human

Hugo knows that there are 16 stairs from his living room to his landing. He knows that all of the houses on his side of the street add up to 2500. He also knows that they are definitely not human

20160209_125550-1It started on the new development. Hugo on his daily walk likes to play number games with the numbers painted onto the lamp posts. Sometimes he would add them, sometimes multiply them. Working out the square roots is his favourite. Hugo loves the fact that there are numbers painted into the lamp posts on the development as it gives him an added incentive to get out into the world and do something that he loves to do

Hugo noticed last week that the numbers had started changing on a daily basis. At first he thought it was just something that was done from time to time by workmen from the council but it was when he noticed what they were doing that he knew something was not right

They would stand around them at 11.27am precisely each and every day for exactly 7 minutes staring intently at the numbers. They would then alll look at each other in turn before walking off in separate directions until 12.07 when they would all assemble in the new coffee shop. They would all order a large skinny latte, extra hot, to drink in with an iced finger bun to go with it. They would then all sit at the largest table that sat six people facing each other

None of them would speak for the 17 minutes that they sat there drinking and eating at precisely the same time, leaving by 12.37 and going off in six separate directions that Hugo estimated to be at exactly the same angle and pace

Hugo’s hypotheses is that they are not human and are taking instructions from the numbers on a daily basis from an extraterrestrial power that is guiding them on a secret mission on planet earth. Of course no one wants to listen to him or hear his theories at his college and neither does his mother or Keyworker so he is just going to have to work out what all of the numbers mean for himself

Hugo believes that they must have noticed him taking down the numbers on a daily basis into his notebook and decided to take action. They no longer go to the lamp posts to receive instructions but instead follow Hugo wherever he goes. They are always on the bus to college or when he goes to his appointments to see his Keyworker. They follow him and his mother around Tescos (although she insists she cannot see anyone) and have also taken to placing themselves strategically around his immediate vicinity.

Hugo has worked out that they are able to communicate telepathically to each other as long as they are within 117 metres of each other (or that is what it would appear) as they never seem to speak but are obviously communicating to one another. They can also stand for at least 17 hours without moving, eating, drinking or using the lavatory

Hugo has been trying to crack their code but to no avail which is frustrating because Hugo knows numbers. He also knows that hey are definitely not human

Now that they are beginning to stand directly outside of his house each night and point at him whenever he looks out from behind his bedroom curtains and because he knows numbers, Hugo believes that he only has a 7 percent chance of surviving the week before they come and take him away

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