The Troll

As internet trolls went, he was acknowledged to be the very worst of his kind

There were no sacred cows as far as he was concerned, no subject off limit and no person who was safe from the sting of his comments. No security system could keep him out and no amount of attempts to block his access could stop him

He could access Twitter accounts, Facebook, forums, message boards; any social media platform was fair game to him. It did not matter whether they were private, secret, open access or not as he would always get through with the bile he wanted to spew out

Any death, tragedy or destruction in the news that had people offering condolences and sympathy online would draw him in like a shark sensing blood. Every kind comment would be met with an horrific, provocative one and the poster of these comments would be attacked relentlessly until they took the comments down or left the platform for good

He called himself ‘The Troll’. His profile picture was of a troll with the teeth, hair and warts that would be just what you imagined when the word was mentioned. His location was always ‘Under a Bridge’. No one could actually hunt him down and all investigations came up blank. It was as though he did not really exist

To be on the receiving end of one of his attacks was to be cut to your very core. People reported it felt as if he was accessing their soul and once you had read his outpourings you would instantly fall into a deep depression. His words had a power that could not be explained in any rational way. Some said it was like being put under an evil spell

At least five suicides had been attributed to his attacks with ten more suspected. People had become too scared to speak out against him in case they became his next victim. Journalists, MP’s, bloggers, the Police had all taken him on and been found wanting. No one seemed to have the stomach for a fight that could result in them losing their life

Other internet trolls once celebrated him as one of their own but that just stoked his anger so he turned his vicious diatribe upon them. Each and everyone of them was tracked down and destroyed verbally, mentally and in some cases physically

He would say that he was just following his nature. It was what a troll did and had always done since records began. Trolls did not like people and the internet had just made it easier to carry out what it was trolls had to do; destroy humans

Humans were enemies of the trolls and had driven them underground. Now this was his chance to emerge and fight back

Of course the main thing that worked in his favour and that no one else had seemed to figure out was that when he said he was ‘The Troll’ and that he lived ‘Under a Bridge’ he was telling the truth    

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