One More Word

Mrs Roe knew she was on her way out and there was nothing she could do about it

She had been cruising for years which had not been a problem when the school was full of underachievers but now the bright kids had arrived and caught her out. The Head and the Governors had told her in no uncertain terms that they could not afford a bad Ofsted report and that her results were not good enough. With her sickness record on top of this she knew her days were numbered

In the past parents could not care less what their kids were being taught but the new breed who had moved into the area actually took an interest. They had high expectations which they expected her help bring out in their children but she just was not up to it anymore. The years of teaching had taken their toll on her, worn her down and knocked any enthusiasm she once had out of her. She was hoping to keep her head down and see it out until her retirement or redundancy but knew now she would be leaving without either now

This bloody class had just too many ‘gifted and able’ ones in it who always wanted to ask questions, demanded answers and finished the work too quickly. Then they got bored, started chatting and she would lose control of them. Everyday see would be sending someone out of the class, everyday she would be shouting, everyday the Head would have her in his office telling her about her shortcomings as a teacher

Today she was at the end of her tether even before the day had begun, ready to lash out if the little buggers did not behave. As they walked in Colleen Plant was already chatting away, just like she always was. She was Mrs Roe’s biggest nightmare, a child who was so bright that she always managed to catch her out with her constant questioning. She was also incredibly quick at knowing just what to say to undermine her authority and make her friends laugh  

Colleen was still chatting when Mrs Roe told them all to be quiet so the shouting started earlier than usual

‘Colleen Plant if I hear one more word out of you young lady you’ll be out of this classroom for the rest of the day’

Colleen looked at Mrs Roe’s flushed face, smiled and replied politely


Mrs Roe could still hear the children’s laughter as she made her way down the stairs and out of the school    

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