The Wrong School

Chelsea Wing was running late for school as usual with a last minute flurry of packing her bag, cleaning her teeth and checking she had her phone and bus pass

‘Remember that you need to practice for your trumpet exam when you get in tonight young lady so no going around to anyone’s house’

Her mum shouted up the stairs as she made her way out of the house to work

‘And remember to shut the bathroom window and lock up before you go’

Chelsea replied without really taking any notice as she had more on her mind this morning than usual. She couldn’t get through to any of her friends on her phone which was unheard of as they were texting each other usually from the moment they woke up. Today though there was nothing; no texts, no calls, no WhatsApp. It was as though everyone had just disappeared

None of her friends were on the bus to school either which started to worry her because she began to wonder if she’d upset them all over something and they were now blanking her. She thought about what had happened the day before but they’d all seemed fine and she was texting them all just before she went to sleep so couldn’t figure out what was going on   

When she got to school all of her friends were sitting down in the cafeteria having breakfast. Chelsea went over to ask them why they hadn’t been in touch with her this morning or been on the same bus but before she could say anything they all looked up at the same time

‘Good morning Chelsea Wing how are you this morning?’

They all spoke at the same time in the same monotonous tone

‘Stop it you’re really freaking me out’

Chelsea started to laugh, expecting them to join in

‘Sorry Chelsea Wing we did not mean any offense’

Once again they spoke in unison in the same voice

‘You’re all being weird so just stop it. Just stop it now’

She stomped off to her locker to get her books ready for her first lesson

Everywhere she went the school looked the same but it was different. Everyone, pupils and teachers alike, had something strange about them as though they were in some sort of daze. Chelsea seemed to be the only one who could see something was wrong but she didn’t know what to do about it. She tried to call her mum but there was no signal and when she went to the office the staff were as odd as everyone else

Chelsea’s phone vibrated in her hand and she saw a text had just come through from her mum. When she opened it the message didn’t make any sense. Her mum was saying that she’d received a message from the school to say Chelsea wasn’t there and she wanted to know where she was. It also said that the time sent was 10.30am

She checked the clock outside the school office; it was 8.30am

‘You need to come with us Chelsea Wing. Your first lesson is about to begin’

All of her friends were standing behind her gesturing her to follow them

Chelsea realised now that she was at the wrong school and there was nothing she could do about it

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