The Railway Maneater

The East African night was illuminated by a full moon which he knew would give him his best chance of a kill

At least thirty workers, five hunters and countless locals had been killed over the past three months since the construction of the railway had begun in this part of the country. Such was the outcry that tales of the Railway Maneater had reached the newspapers of England causing questions to be asked in parliament

The railway had raised the bounty on killing the mythical lion that was being held responsible. Every day construction was halted risked their bankruptcy so they were willing to pay the highest price to the right person to deal with the problem. The last incident had seen the creature get into a railway carriage where four hunters were sleeping. One was carried off with his remains being found three days later a few miles from the attack

To calm fears photographs were shown of a large male lion which had been shot by a bridge nearby. Claims were made that this was the beast responsible and that normality had now returned to the railway but those on the scene knew this was far from the truth. If the public had really known what was responsible for the killings it would have terrified them even more than the thought of a rogue lion

So now he sat inside the carriage with the sliding door left unlatched. His reputation as a hunter of such creatures preceded him and no expense had been spared to get him to agree a price to help the company solve its problem. He knew tonight it would be out hunting and that his scent would carry across the night air to entice it in. He also knew from experience that he would have only one opportunity to get a clean shot to finish it

When he saw what appeared to be two bright and steady glow-worms in the bush outside of the railway siding he knew what they really were and what was coming. He carefully cocked the triggers of his double barreled hunting rifle and raised it to his shoulder.

He had total confidence from hunting such beasts in the two .460 silver bullets finding their target at such close range  

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