The Sisters

20170917_135724The sisters was infamous for how unfriendly they were was the first thing anyone was told when they moved into the street

They lived in the house with their mother but interacted with only two people whom their mother had known years ago. Any attempts at conversations were ignored, greetings were rebuffed and eye contact avoided at all costs. They walked with their heads down at a quick pace wherever they went and would cross the road to avoid you if they saw you coming

They were both middle aged and put you in mind of a couple of traditional spinsters from an old Jane Austen novel. One of the neighbours said that she use to go to school with them and they had always been a bit weird. They had never made friends, joined in with anything or asked people back to the house

She said that no one knew about their father or what had happened to him. The older people in the street spoke about him being around in the early days but then he disappeared. Because they kept themselves to themselves no one ever found out what had happened.

They kept the house immaculate with repairs and decoration being undertaking as and when needed. No expense was spared but the gossip was that they were loaded anyway. They never seemed to go on holidays or have anyone around so everyone said they must have money in the bank as they both worked everyday. There were no boyfriends, girlfriends or any friends at all. They never seemed to do anything other then stick to the routines they followed religiously

At one time their mother would leave the house every Monday at precisely 10.00 am and take a taxi to get the shopping.She would also be there every morning to see her girls off and again in the evening to open the door when they came home from work. This routine stopped after an accident where the rumour was that she fell down the stairs and broke her leg. She was taken off by ambulance only appearing a few weeks later in a wheelchair. The sisters refused to answer any enquiries about how she was so everyone just stopped trying. Then she would only be seen occasionally opening and closing the door to her girls

As the years passed the sisters followed their usual habits of going to and coming home from work at exactly the same time every day. They would also go shopping every Saturday morning at 10,00 am by taxi returning two hours later with the same number of bags without fail. The mother was never seen and the talk was that she was now a recluse who was too scared to go out in case she had another fall

The sisters became even more withdrawn, stopped talking to the two people they had spoken to and became even more wrapped up in their routines. The occasional drama would unfold on the doorstep when they would refuse to let anyone in to read the meter, check the gas pipes or whatever it was unless they had 48 hours notice. Quite a few people thought they might both have OCD or be going a little bit mentally ill  but because of how they both were no one was going to check up and see if they needed help  

The mother and father did make a final appearance after the man who retiling the roof fell through the void and crashed through the bedroom ceiling of their locked room. The sisters were out shopping so apparently he had to call the ambulance and the police to come and rescue him and deal with what he had found a neighbour said. By the time the sisters had got back all hell had broken loose. The mother’ and father’s bodies were taken away as were both of them in the back of a police van  

The report in the papers said that the father had been dead for at least twenty years and that the mother had died at least five years ago from natural causes. The cause of the father’s death couldn’t be determined. It was thought that perhaps the mother had kept her husband’s body and told her daughters that’s what you did. When she’d died they had just done the same thing and kept her body without reporting it. The papers said that the mummification process that had taken place on both bodies was remarkable

Throughout the sisters refused to speak to anyone or answer any questions from the press. They cooperated with the authorities and it was reported that they were fined for failing to report a death, apologised for the problems that they’d caused and paid it in cash.

People in the road said that they’d always suspected something was wrong and that they wouldn’t have the barefaced cheek to come back home after all off this. But every Saturday at 10.00am you can still find them taking their taxi to go shopping and watch them coming home two hours later with exactly the same number of bags as last week, back into their routine as though nothing had happened

The sisters are now more infamous than ever in the street and the constant flow of people who want to see where they live has done nothing to improve their rudeness accordingly to the new lady who’s moved in two doors down and tried to say hello to them the other day

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