The Noticer

The NoticerYou will not have noticed him but he has noticed you

He is the person on the table next to you in the coffee shop, the one behind you in the queue at the supermarket and he sits near you on the train.

He is the man who observes and listens but you will not remember him because nobody ever does

He likes it that way as it allows him to notice things

He has noticed that you like to have a large skinny soya milk latte extra hot during the weekdays but switch to decaf over the weekend to help you sleep

You call yourself a vegetarian but still eat fish, especially tuna, which you buy at least three times a week from the supermarket on the way home from work

You like the short stories of Neil Gaiman and prefer to read an actual book rather than on your Kindle

You are currently seeing a ‘Life Coach’ because you’re still trying to find your ‘thing’ in life

You are left handed but when you eat you hold your knife and fork like a right handed person would

You take the 8.10 train from platform one during the week to your office and stop off for breakfast at McDonalds on the way everyday

You like to sleep on the left hand side of your bed and wake yourself up snoring on average four times a night

You will not have noticed him before but you will

Very, very soon

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