That’s Not My Name!

“And can I take your name please?”

He’d been asked this question everyday for the past three months and they hadn’t got it right once

What does it take for people to remember you? What’s the point of going on about customer service and the customer experience if you can’t even get a bloody name right?

He really didn’t need this today. The headaches were getting worse and the chest pains were coming and going with increasing discomfort. All he wanted was some caffeine to calm him down and he could get out of there

“Your name please?”

The increasingly impatient server stood poised with Sharpie marker in hand

“My name is R
on. Not Roy, not John but Ron”

He spelt it out as slowly as he could


The name was scribbled on his cup and passed along to the barista at the end of the counter


The volume of his voice caused silence to fall over the rest of the customers and staff

“What is bloody wrong with you people, it’s three bloody letters, that’s all you’ve got to get your tiny brains around”

The pain in his chest made him catch his breath

“Everyday day I come in here and you spell my bloody name wrong. How many more times do I have to tell you people that’s not my name?”

It felt like a sledge-hammer had hit between the shoulder blades. He fell first to his knees and then flat on his back. The last thing he remembered was feeling as though he was being pushed through the floor by a ton of weights

The police and paramedics arrived on the scene within ten minutes but it was already too late

“Did anyone catch his name?”

The Police Officer looked over at the staff still behind the

“I think he said it was Bronn”

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