The Law Of Attraction

“It’s like the scales have been lifted from my eyes I’m telling you”

Alan was holding court in the pub yet again and as his friends rolled their eyes and yelled “Oh here we go again” he continued

“No listen we’ve had it all wrong for years. It’s been kept secret from us by the powers that be for generations to keep the rest of us down”

Alan had discovered ‘The Law of Attraction. He’d read about how all of the greats throughout the ages had used it to bring them their success and riches. He’d learnt how our thoughts can become things and that by sending out what it is we wanted into the universe we could attract it into our life

He now realised that all of the many systems he’d tried before had been rubbish and that this was the real deal. All of the ‘fake it till you make it’, SMART goals and ‘Think And Grow Rich’ approaches now paled into comparison with what he now knew. Now he had the secret

So he set about it every night before he went to sleep

“Dear Universe I want a million pounds and to never have to work again”

He knew now he would just have to wait to attract exactly what he wanted and deserved into his life

Nobody could figure out how and why the wall collapsed on him. Some said he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Others said it was one of those ‘Acts Of God’ you hear about

The accident lawyers fell over themselves to take on his case and sued all and sundry connected to the wall to get him his money. Alan eventually got a wheel chair that he could move with his chin and a modified home

They fought hard to get him enough to cover the fact that he’d never be able to work again and once everyone had taken their cut Alan found he was wasn’t left with as much as they’d promised

In fact once all of the bills had been paid they’d left him with exactly a million pounds


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