All About Chapman Pine

IMG_9533From an early age I always preferred to live in the made up world in my head rather than the real world and could always create and tell fantastical stories to myself and others

This has never really changed as I grew up except now I enjoy putting them on the page rather than keeping them in my mind

I’m a lover of the strange, short stories of Ray Bradbury, Neil Gaiman & Roald Dahl

Taxidermy has an odd attraction for me and I share my home with a menagerie of long dead creatures

Graveyards have a special appeal and I’m a self-confessed Taphophile taking photographs of Grave Angels on a regular basis

I’m a student of Stoic practices and love to get out into the natural world whenever possible to refocus, be mindful and kickstart ideas for stories. Walking in nature and telling myself stories in my head is my favourite way of working!

I’m a devotee of old-time, black & white Horror/Sci Fi movies from the 50’s & 60’s and have been influenced by the many strange TV shows that I watched as a child in the 70’s!

I love taking photographs of the strange things I come across whilst walking around old London town which help both illustrate and inspire my Flash Fiction tales

Like many other people it’s taken me a fair few years to get my arse in gear and start putting my writing and photography out into the world so now I pretty much write flash fiction and take photos everyday

I hope you enjoy my stories, photos and general musings on both

Thanks for reading

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