‘As you can see the conditions were hard for those unlucky enough to be serving their time on the prison hulks’ The tour guide stepped back to allow the visitors to see the display ‘The convicts were known as ‘Magpies’ because of their striped uniforms and were put to work in the stinking mud of … Continue reading Magpie


Tobias Laclow considered himself to be amongst the very best of modern artists but knew that he would never receive the fame, accolades and prizes of his contemporaries. For him to create he needed absolute anonymity Tobias did not use pencils and pads, canvas and paints, cameras or film. He had never studied at art … Continue reading Push


Her dreams had always involved her falling  She would always be on a swing like the ones that were in the park on her housing estate growing up. She would be higher than would ever be possible, up in the clouds, going up and down in huge sweeps. At some point she would stand up … Continue reading Falling