Tobias Laclow considered himself to be amongst the very best of modern artists but knew that he would never receive the fame, accolades and prizes of his contemporaries. For him to create he needed absolute anonymity

Tobias did not use pencils and pads, canvas and paints, cameras or film. He had never studied at art school, owned a studio or staged an exhibition. No one was even aware that it was him who was creating his very own, very unique style of performance art

Whilst others had studied the history of art he had studied mathematics, physics and psychology. He knew about angles, wave formations and the behaviour of crowds. Tobias was an expert on the laws of motion, kinetic energy and manual handling. He knew exactly how much force it would take move a person by judging their height, weight and balance perfectly

Unlike most artists he never attended an opening, a party or networked. He had become an expert in keeping a low profile, being able to blend in and to not even be a face in the crowd. For his peers their natural environment was the studio; for Tobias it was being amongst the crowded platforms of the London Underground

As he walked away, hidden within the crowd, from his latest artistic endeavor Tobias dwelt for a few seconds on the warning poster advising people to take care when standing near the edge of the platform. Last year there had been 350 serious injuries and 6 fatalities on the underground system and as he carried on walking towards the escalator he appreciated the recognition of his talent