‘I’m afraid your father has passed’

The doctor removed his stethoscope from the dead man’s chest and walked over to his bag

The son rose unsteadily and raised a large glass of whiskey towards his father; the daughter dabbed at non tear filled eyes with her handkerchief

‘How you’ve got the nerve to stand there raising a toast to him and drinking his whisky I’ll never know. You never had a good word to say about him when he was alive and now he’s dead we all know the only reason you’re here at all is because of this’

She showed him a large envelope which contained their father’s will

The son raised his glass to her

‘To my darling sister and daddy’s little girl. The dried up old spinster who’s only talent seems to be that she can smell both of cats piss and moth balls at the same time’

The daughter waved the envelope across the bed at him

‘Oh and you made father so proud didn’t you with your failed marriages, failed businesses and failed life. I suppose you’ll piss whatever you get out of this up the wall or on some bimbo gold digger’

The insults flew back and forth as years of built up resentment came out, no longer hidden for the sake of their father


Their father’s lifeless body sat up in bed and he grabbed the will from his daughter’s hand. His bony, arthritic fingers tore it into pieces and threw them up into the air

It wasn’t until his still dead body slumped backed onto the bed that the hysterical screaming started