But I’m A Celebrity

When it came to being celebrities, the thirteen people in the boat really were the low hanging fruit on the reality TV tree

There desperate attempts to stay in the public eye was boring even to the gossip magazines so this was going to be their last shot at fame

The company that approached them said survival programmes were the in thing and this was going to be the ultimate survival story. In the end there would most probably be only one person left to claim the prize and they all wanted to be the one to wear that money making crown

They were told that there would be no obvious camera crews or TV personnel on the island but they were to behave as if they were being filmed at all times. They would be shipped over on a boat and left on the beach. Then they would find out how this game was going to be played out

The deals had been made before they’d even left the UK. Three had piled weight on so they could sell a story about losing it. Two of them had agreed to become a couple to get people’s interest but would split up as soon as they got home so both could get interest and money from the celebrity mags

It was only after their third day that it dawned on them that they’d been left on the island without food, water, shelter or cameras. They were totally on their own. It really was going to be the ultimate survival story

The runner-up in that talent show that no one could ever remember sobbed that they would be all right because people were interested in them, would miss them and would want to know what they were doing. Of course people would look for them because they were important. They were celebrities.

She was wrong on every count