The Thing In The Bridge

‘I’m eighty nine and have lived here all my life and I’ve never known it to flood like this’

The woman spoke to the camera crew as the fire crew helped her out of the boat that they had used to rescue her from her home. All over the village people were being evacuated as the river rose higher than ever before causing unprecedented damage to anything in its path

The storm had come without warning and caught everyone by surprise. A month’s worth of rain fell within an hour causing the river to burst its banks and flood the surrounding land under metres of water. Land slips hampered any attempts to hold it back, flood barriers were simply overwhelmed and roads were destroyed

Buildings began to collapse under the power of the flow with the debris of trees, cars and rubble acting like battering rams against any obstacle they encountered. The army deployed troops in amphibious vehicles and helicopters dropped sandbags to try and stem the tide. Fire Crews in boats ferried the terrified villagers to higher ground as there village was simply battered by the full force of storm

After three days the waters had subsided leaving locals and news crews to survey the damage and pick over the wreckage. The main focus was now on the ancient bridge that had spanned the river since Roman times but had collapsed completely. It had stood for centuries but had been washed away in one day by the worst flood and storm since records began in the area

What nobody could have known was as devastating as the storm had been it was nothing compared to what was to come now than it had been released from its stone prison. The old ones had sealed it away using old magic that had long since been lost to mankind so now it was free to reign over them once again. It had lain dormant for thousands of years as the world had changed around it and its name was forgotten by the human race

When the old ones had captured it, held it to account and passed their sentence upon it they had hoped that their ways would be passed down so that should a day like this come others could combat its powers once again. As it dragged itself out of the river and stood in the early morning sunshine it instinctively knew that its reign was about to begin again as no one was left who knew how to oppose it

The camera crews were focusing in on the local MP dressed in high viz vest and wellingtons, passing sandbags to other volunteers when the roar echoed around the valley. They turned towards where they believed it had come from, zooming in trying to find the source as a sense of panic began to fill the people who had heard the primal sound

They would not have to wait long to find the source of their fear as it made its way back to the village where its prison had once stood. It wanted its revenge and it was hungry

So very hungry

(Inspired by HP Lovecraft’s list of ideas for weird fiction)