The Man In The Grey Suit

The man in the grey suit is the very essence of the way to be efficient in life and do what needs to be done

There’s no emotion. Nothing is personal. It’s all about getting the job done in the quickest way possible. Maximum gain for minimum effort. Have a goal, keep on track, don’t get distracted

The Man In The Grey Suit knows that even when it doesn’t go your way you just keep on, never stopping until you get what you want. Always moving, never resting. Have a plan and stick with it. Take opportunities when they present themselves and don’t give your competition a chance

It’s survival of the fittest out there and the Man in the Grey Suit is fitter, faster and more efficient at what he does then most. Àt the business he’s in few are as good at what he does

He can sniff out an opportunity, home in on it and take it before others even realise it was there. Some call him ruthless. Others say he’s awe inspiring because of the way he does what he does. Many call him the ultimate in his field

But the Man in the Grey suit isn’t concerned about what others think of him. He just does what he has to do to survive in his world

Today he’s on the hunt, looking for an opportunity to put what he knows into practice. Today he’ll do what he always does. Keep his eye on the prize and look to cash in. He’s out early and on the lookout ready to take his chance when it presents itself

And right now his senses are tingling because that opportunity could be about to present itself sooner rather than later

The two surfers entered the water looking for an early session before work. Time to kick back and have some fun before going for those targets, kicking some arse and getting those bonuses