The Rocket On Platform Number 1

It seems strange that no one noticed the rocket opposite platform one being that it was on one of the busiest railway lines in the country

It was in plain site all of the time where it had landed on a small metal ledge facing a wall on one side and the people standing on the platform on the other. It just shows how unobservant commuters are each day with their faces stuck to their phones, reading the free papers or just in a world of their own wishing they were anywhere else but here

Beaumont Letts noticed it because that’s what he did, notice things. As a self taught ‘street photographer’ he was always on the lookout for the strange, the unusual, the out of place thing that set his shots apart from everyone else on the net. Now that everyone fancied themselves as a photographer with their smartphones and Instagram he was always willing to look that little bit harder and longer than most. That’s what made him stand out

He’d been out for a few hours but found nothing that he could use so was on his way home when he spotted it. At first it look like some type of measuring device or builders tool which was perhaps what it was meant to look like; perhaps that was its disguise. It wasn’t until he stared at it for a while that he noticed the movements around it like tiny insects crawling about

He put the camera up to his eye, zooming in to its maximum focus. That’s when he saw them. Tiny little people dressed in full space suits busying themselves on the ledge measuring, writing, taking photos and generally gathering information on what they were finding. Beaumont looked around to see if anyone else was seeing what he was seeing but of course they were too busy in their own little worlds to notice. He was tempted to point it out to the woman next to him but a train pulled in obscuring his view. Once it had pulled out he raised his camera again, shooting continuously to capture the mini astronauts at work

His actions must have alerted them as they suddenly started to pack everything away at a rapid speed, pointing in his direction as they hurried into their ship, He was capturing every movement, every action as they made their exit before the small door slide down with a puff of green smoke. Beaumont carried on shooting, thinking about how he was going to be way ahead of the curve with these shots, wondering just who he was going to approach with them and how

He stopped shooting and suddenly thought about was what he was seeing. How could this even be possible? It must be some sort of trick or part of a show. It couldn’t really be what he was seeing, could it? Before he could answer his own questions a purple laser beam shot out from the top of the rocket, hitting his camera lens, sending a red hot heat through his hand. He dropped the camera onto the platform where it broke into tiny pieces as if it had been made of glass, leaving nothing to salvage, not even the Sim card

The rocket took off in a brief flurry of smoke and flame, shooting off into the cloudless sky before disappearing in an instant. Beaumont looked around at the other people on the platform hoping to make sense of what had just happened in front of them all. Not one of them had noticed the scene that had just unfolded. He tapped the arm of the man standing next to him

‘Did you just see that? Beaumont asked

The man looked up from his paper

‘Did I see what?

‘Did you see it? A  rocket just took off from that ledge’

The man looked him up and down before replying

‘Of course it did mate’

He went back to reading his paper leaving Beaumont Letts to wonder about just what had happened to him today on platform one